Why I don’t get worked up over “climate change.”

21 02 2014



Just because

20 02 2014


It’s Christmas miracle!

18 12 2013


Well, that didn’t take long!

18 12 2013

The New York Times is now questioning the usefulness of anti-polygamy laws.  I seem to recall that one argument against gay marriage proposals was that it would simply be the opening wedge in a broader effort to de-legitimize all restrictions on government-recognized marriages.  Of course, that argument was pooh-poohed by the chattering classes (like the Times) as baseless fear-mongering.  

Now, the libertarian in me questions the need for a government to give permission to anyone to marry whomever they choose.  And often, the pro-polygamy, like the pro-gay marriage, activists cite as a reason in support the amount of benefits that would be denied a same-sex couple.  Those are government benefits, which means tax-payer money.  The Times estimated that a same-sex couple would be denied anywhere from $40,000 to $400,000 in benefits available to married couples.  The numbers for polygamous couples would most likely be significantly higher.

And of course, there are cultures in world where polygyny is practiced, including most Islamic cultures.  I would not be surprised to find that the multi-culti warriors will jump on the plural marriage bandwagon in the very near future, as well.

Non Nobis

24 07 2013

Nobody does Shakespeare like Sir Kenneth. Nobody.

Doing something right

22 07 2013

The whole fan damily were driving on the east side yesterday.  At one particular intersection, there was a small strip center that contained a Karma Records shop (mostly a head shop nowadays) a Cirilla’s sex boutique, a tattoo parlor, and a tax refund place.  The Young Master pointed it out as a locus of poor life decisions.  We must be doing something right.  I like to think of it as the intersection of Broken Dreams and Bad Decisions.

How far we’ve come

21 07 2013

I caught a bit of the Today Show this morning as I passed by the babblebox.  I saw Lester Holt and David Gregory discussing how the Resident was going to compel the AG to file civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.  I thought about how far we have come, when a black man and white man can discuss on TV how to legally lynch a Hispanic man.  Progress!