*Now* I get it!

30 03 2011

I’ve been puzzled about the vitriolic hate directed at Sarah Palin ever since she was introduced to a national audience. The seething and ranting has reached epic proportions and has gone way beyond any disagreement over policy positions. Was it simply that Palin was an attractive, relatively conservative woman? Was is that she wasn’t a product of the so-called elite educational institutions? Her political credentials were no worse than many other national candidates, so that couldn’t have been it. So what was it?

The answer came to me yesterday, when the Young Master and I were driving back from a mini-vacation visiting the Shiloh battlefield park. While driving in Kentucky, I saw a small pick-up with a bumper sticker on the back window which stated, “Palin does not speak for THIS woman!” While surprisingly free from ad hominem attacks or or scatological references, it illustrated the problem with Palin – she’s a woman. In the eyes of the left, that is simply inexcusable.

Why should anyone think that Sarah Palin speaks for anyone other than herself? When she speaks, she says what she thinks, not what all women think. People can chose to accept what she says or not, or debate certain points with her, or engage in any other sort of rational debate with her, but the conversation is still with *her* and not with any collection of people other than ones that specifically say she represents them. And there is the problem – the left cannot accept that individual people have individual opinions.

Political power for the left is premised on identity politics – race, sex, gender or class, its all about acting collectively, and being treated collectively. Individualism, and individual opinions, are frowned on, if not actively discouraged. Thus, when a member of the coalition of the oppressed speaks out in a manner the officially-sanctioned leaders of the oppressed don’t approve, that person must be delegitimized and destroyed. Dissent from the official positions cannot be countenanced, otherwise, the power of the coalition leaders is diluted.

In other words, the left is being hoist on its own identity-politics petard. As more members of the coalition of the oppressed begin expressing individual opinions, the coalition leaders loose political power. Instead of simply pandering to the self-appointed leaders of the collectives that make up the coalition, politicians have to actually take policy positions and debate those positions. Once that happens, the left starts losing.

So the next time you hear or see an unhinged attack at Sarah Palin, Clarance Thomas, or any other individual whose race, ethnicity, gender or class makes them purported members of the coalition of the oppressed, what you are really seeing is the self-destruction of collectivism. Ain’t life grand?




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31 03 2011

The left/democrat party essentially operates a plantation system. There is a plantation for blacks, women, gays, Hispanics, and other assorted people in identifiable groups. Palin is seen as a woman who has escaped the plantation. The media, operating as the overseers with the bloodhouds, have been tasked with running her to ground. To let her run free would encourage other women to make a break for it, and run off from the plantation. That is why Palin has been figureatively whipped to within an inch of her life, to serve as a warning to any others who might want to follow her example.

1 04 2011
Michael Teuber

Sarah Palin is good, smart and attractive. That is enough the make the mediocrities hate the very essence of her. That she has the temerity to achieve success while in possession of ovaries is to render vain all the excuses of the dialectical feminist left. If she can exist then women are not ‘testosterine (sic) deficient’ (Fran Lebowitz) victims who must perpetually struggle as one for the empowerment of their gender.

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