Trenchant Observation

25 03 2010

from Simon at ClassicalValues:

The variant of socialism where the government doesn’t nationalize the means of production but controls it through law and regulation is called fascism.


h/t Classical Values




One response

12 04 2010

Fine, but I find these taxonomies tedious. The main reason this one is worth noting is explained by Jonah Goldberg’s book which rebuts the widespread notion that the Nazis and Fascists were right wingers or that conservatives have anything in common with them. Conservatives and libertarians favor less government intrusion in private affairs, not more, and more freedom for individuals and markets, not less.

Since “liberals” and “progressives” have chosen names for their philosophy that are the opposite of the outcome of their policies, I feel no need to get the nomenclature precise. They might as well all be Commies as far as it makes any difference other than academic.

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