Letter to the Editor published today

13 09 2009

I worry about Dan Carpenter. It appears he has an eight-year gap in his memory. To write, as he did in his Sept. 9 column, “Has any White House resident, even Richard Nixon, ever been so dissed?” with a straight face bespeaks a mendacity of epic proportions.

Does he not remember the calumny heaped on President George W. Bush? Does he not remember the incessant claims that Bush lied, that Bush bombed the World Trade Center in order to please his oil buddies, that Bush intentionally bombed the New Orleans levees to kill poor and minority residents of New Orleans, that Bush stole both elections, that Bush was going to declare martial law to stay in power, that Bush cheated on his National Guard obligations, or that Bush was Hitler or Satan, or both?

But Carpenter’s selective memory apparently is much more extensive. Does he not remember that the issue with Obama’s speech was not the speech, but the lesson plan that asked teachers to have students write letters to themselves about how they could help Obama — not their country, not their community, not their school, but Obama?

Carpenter also conveniently forgets that when President George H.W. Bush made a similar speech, it was denounced by the National Education Association and congressional Democrats. In fact, it was conduct so heinous that the Democratic House directed the GAO to investigate whether laws were broken and convened congressional hearings on the speech. Those small details are apparently unimportant to Carpenter.

More concerning is Carpenter’s implication that any objection to Obama’s politics or plans is motivated by racism. Carpenter has coupled his mendacious memory with the slander of racism. It is beneath him.

Michael Beason




One response

9 10 2009
Bill Bartmann

Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

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