And people wonder why taxes are high

28 09 2007

I like to think I’m a logical, reasonable kind of guy.  Sometime, though, I read a news story and have to wonder, “What the hell were they thinking?”  In today’s Indianapolis Star, there is an article reporting the city’s plan to limit the number of take-home cars that are given to city employees.

I can understand that it makes sense for public safety personnel to have city-provided cars.  I can even understand that personnel who are required to do inspections and such may warrant city-provided cars.  And then there’s that head-scratching moment:

The city and county own about 3,000 vehicles in all, including 231 take-home vehicles driven by city employees ranging from building inspectors and road engineers to a Public Works spokeswoman and the city’s Latino affairs director.

Why in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster does the city’s Latino affairs director need to have the city provide him/her with a car, gas and maintenance on a 24/7 basis?  Are there late-night emergency Cinco de Mayo parties that require official city representation?  (and let’s not get started on why the city needs a “Latino affairs director” in the first place.)




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